Daniel J. Layton is a London-based actor, vlogger, baker, singer, presenter, comedian, list maker, wrestling nerd and

Janet Jackson afficionado.

He has performed in an array of short films, music videos and comedy sketches. He has also partnered with Cineworld to present coverage of red carpet premieres.

His self-published cookbook, "Baking With Layton: Also You!" was released in 2019.

Daniel has performed live comedy at the Reading & Leeds festivals, Alexandra Palace and London's ExCel centre.

Fiercely ambitious and mildly driven, Daniel loves long walks on the beach, though hates writing in third person.

His ultimate goal is to become the only person in history to win both an Academy Award​ and the Strictly Come Dancing glitterball trophy.



Dan simply loves receiving mail. He especially loves mail that brings with it a suggestion of monetary gain.

For business enquiries, please do feel free to drop an email to:

(Extra points will be awarded if you include your favourite Janet Jackson song in the 'p.s.')

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